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Auditions for ANTIGONE

Sun 12 Aug 2012

Antigone by Jean Anouilh

Translated by Lewis Galantiere

The action takes place in Thebes where both of Antigone’s brothers have been killed. Creon, now king, has decreed that while Antigone’s brother Eteocles shall be given the usual respectful burial, Polynices must be left as carrion for scavengers. Antigone chooses to attempt to bury Polynices, and is brought before Creon as a prisoner. Creon attempts to cover up the offense, but Antigone refuses to be denied the responsibility for her actions, whether they be viewed as guilt or credit.

The themes of the play concern the nature of power, fate, and choice. Antigone’s actions eventually leave Creon with no choice but to execute her, as the incident becomes impossible to cover up.

The Galantiere version of the Greek legend comes from a Paris that suffered under the heel of tyranny. The play's parallels to modern times are exciting and provocative.

Cast of Characters:

Chorus (male or female)
Antigone (female)
Nurse (female)
Ismene (female)
Haemon (male)
Creon (male)
1st Guard (male or female)
2nd Guard (male or female)
Page (male or female)
Messenger (male or female)

About the Green Theatre Company

The Green Theatre Company (or GTC) was formed in 1986. Open primarily to 14 - 25 year olds and run on a purely voluntary basis, it aims to bring quality drama to the area. .
The Green Theatre Company is currently moving from its home in New Malden to become of the resident youth theatre companies at the Corner House in Tolworth. It’s celebrating its 26th year and aims to provide local young people aged 14 – 21 with the opportunity to develop their theatrical skills and explore the Arts in general. Above all it’s fun

There are no auditions or restrictions to membership apart from a commitment from members to support each other, have energy, enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and, above all, have a love of theatre in its widest sense. Many of the past members have successfully gone on to drama colleges, teacher training and some have returned to act as tutors.

The Green Theatre Company is affiliated with Kingston Council and the Kingston Arts Council.