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Busy Lizzy Crafts exhibition

Sat 2 Jun - Sun 1 Jul 2012

Busy Lizzy's motto is ”a spark of creativity makes the world a brighter place”. Celebrating London 2012 brings together a body of work produced by local primary school children aged between six and 11 years old. Featuring arts and crafts from Busy Lizzy's Creative Clubs, the exhibition also includes Social Eyes by visually impaired group K.A.B. Busy Lizzy specialises in creative workshops run in schools by a talented team of tutors, and offers a great opportunity for children to explore and develop their creativity. The emphasis is on the process of designing, developing their own ideas and encouraging self-expression and individuality. Finished work instils in them a great sense of pride and satisfaction. The gala night is on Tuesday, June 12 from 7-9pm.