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Mon 2 - Sat 28 Jul 2012

This exhibition displays the varied work of a group of amateur artists who meet weekly at the Kingston branch of the University of the Third Age.
They are tutored by Charles Penney, a professional artist, at the United Reformed Church in Kingston. He teaches techniques in various media.
The group has 16 members and is one of the many arts-based activities organised by enthusiasts under the U3A umbrella.
"Each member is encouraged to develop their own individual style and vision, which inevitably results in a wonderful variety of images," explained Charles.
"It is this variety, tied together by the group's love of life, which makes this show so rich and entertaining. Definitely worth visiting!"
The works, techniques and styles are as varied as the artists themselves. All the exhibits are for sale.
The exhibition can be seen until July 27, whenever the cornerHOUSE is open to the public.
Come and meet the artists and view their work at a gala evening on Thursday, July 5 from 7-9pm.
For more details about joining the U3A art class contact Dottie Read on 020 8399 4336.