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Sister Art gala night and exhibition

Fri 9 Apr 2010

Take three sisters, give them watercolours, oils, pastels and acrylics and what do you get? No, not a homage to Chekhov, but Sister Art, the latest exhibition at the cornerHOUSE arts centre.
The siblings - Margaret Flint, Elaine Kimber Mole and Ros Williams - are showing the fruits of their diverse talents at the centre in Douglas Road, Surbiton, from April 9-23.
Art is in the genes. All three have been inspired by their father and uncle to take up a paintbrush.
The eldest, Margaret, has studied various art mediums including watercolour, oil and pastel. She also has an interest in costume, and took a fashion course at Banbury College, later going on to produce bespoke bridalwear. Now retired, she creates costumes and sets for theatrical productions.
"As three sisters who have always loved and appreciated art, this is our opportunity to share and display some of our varied mixed media works, which we hope visitors will enjoy," she said.
Elaine, the middle sister, became motivated by the cornerHOUSE's annual art competition to paint again.
"I have now retired to a houseboat and have the opportunity to paint whenever and whatever I choose," said Elaine, who formerly worked in printing and publishing.
"My inspiration is largely the wonders of the world about us: the Northern Lights, volcanoes and the weather!"
Last, but by no means least, is baby sister Ros.
"I have enjoyed art since I could hold a pencil - I was always making a mark, drawing or etching on whatever surface was available," she explained. "Our parents, George and Evelyn, inspire me to this very day!
"I have attended many courses from life drawing to graphic design, and am continuing to develop drawing and painting skills using mixed media."
Ros was inspired by the cornerHOUSE's community art exhibition to show her work publicly.
"I am grateful to be able to share this exhibition with my sisters, and hope this inspires others who appreciate 'making their mark' to have a go!"
Some of the exhibits are for sale, priced between £30-£100.
There is a special gala evening on April 9 to launch the exhibition. Come along, enjoy a drink, and talk to the artists about their work. The event runs from 7-9pm.