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Life Through My Lens

Mon 14 Dec 2009

Carrying a camera everywhere has become second nature to Helen Ganderton, known as Haych to her friends.

“I have been shooting seriously for about two years, and I am completely self-taught,” said Helen who is holding her first photographic exhibition at the cornerHOUSE in Douglas Road, Tolworth, in December. “I bought my first DSLR camera last Christmas, giving me greater control over my pictures – it goes everywhere with me.”

Helen’s exhibition, Life Through My Lens, is a collection of Helen’s favourite photographs.

“I mainly enjoy landscape photography, especially seascapes, but I also enjoy all types of shots - animals, plants, and people - and this is reflected in the varied content of subjects I have photographed,” explained Helen.

Some of Helen’s photographs are mounted and framed, others are on canvas. All the work is for sale and can be reprinted to a different scale to suit your needs. Prices range from around £20 to £120.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, December 5 to Saturday, January 2 next year.

Helen hopes that people will come to a special gala evening for her show on Monday, December 14.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to exhibit at cH and share my photography with others,” added Helen, who will be present at the gala evening and is happy to answer questions about her work.