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The Big Draw
The world's biggest drawing festival comes to the cornerHOUSE for two days on 4th and 27th October and we want you to be part of it by drawing our local sky and landscapes as seen through our windows.

Working in the main foyer of the cornerHOUSE we will encourage people to draw as many different objects that they see from their windows, enabling them to consider the richness and diversity of our local urban landscape. We will have prepared four ‘windows’ for people to add their items to and sets of curtains for people to design. There will be plant troughs for people to create flowers, bees and more, and then there will be three free standing housing structures. There will be ‘windows’ for people to create a particular room they like and these will be added to the housing structures. We will have a range of materials for people to use.

This is a joint project with the cornerHOUSE providing an accessible and well-known local venue and the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames, encouraging people to think about what they see in their local sky and landscapes.
For more details go to The Big Draw Website

September at the cornerHOUSE
The holidays are over for most of us, and we are getting back into the swing of things at the cornerHOUSE. This month we have two artists exhibiting all month, a social, a gala, some crafting, a concert with four trios, some Big Coffee, and four films! Click for more
Coming Soon
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