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who are we

the cornerHOUSE is a community arts centre for the people of Tolworth, Surbiton and the surrounding areas. It is run entirely by volunteers. It is provided with premises for a peppercorn rent by the local parish churches. It has no staff. There is a board of Trustees who manage the centre through a charity (*) which has been set up specifically to run the place. The Trustees are currently:

Ian Davies Appointed by the parish Chair
Phil Cooper Appointed by the community
Sue Grose Appointed by the community Chair Operational Committee
Jeremy Thorn Appointed by the community
Richard Burley Appointed by the parish
Andy Keane Appointed by the parish
Paul Atkins Appointed by the parish
Anna MacCafferty Co-opted Treasurer
Barry Rocard Co-opted Chair Artistic Committee
Tim Cannings Co-opted

*The Douglas Centre Trust : registered charity number 1047038, limited company number 3057887