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welcome to the cornerHOUSE...

... a community arts centre for the people of Tolworth, Surbiton and the surrounding areas.

Are you interested in drama, dance, music or the visual arts?
Do you like to perform, paint, or take photographs?
Do you prefer to focus lights, operate a sound desk, make costumes, build sets or simply help out?
Or maybe you just want to sit back, relax, and let others entertain you!

Whoever you are, whatever you want to do, there's something for you at the cornerHOUSE community arts centre.

In how many suburbs could you walk down a residential street and come upon a thriving arts centre? Here in Tolworth we are lucky to have just that.Created in 1995 through an imaginative conversion of an existing church hall, this exciting theatre space has showcased a wide range of drama, dance and music from visiting professional companies to that of its own in-house groups.

In-house projects

The cornerHOUSE stages various shows throughout the year including the popular One Acts festival where local playwrights are encouraged to submit their work anonymously to a panel of judges. Up to eight plays are selected and then perfomed during a One Acts week at the arts centre in September. Budding directors can also put their names forward to direct the plays, and open auditions are held to cast the shows.

One of the most important aspects of the cornerHOUSE is its encouragement and support of youth initiative. The Flight Dance Company is a great example of this. This young group undertake all aspects of the production themselves, from costume design to box office. They also produce stunning innovative dance shows.

Music and song
Music is an integral part of the cornerHOUSE, whether it be in shows, musicals or performed by bands of various kinds. Those with a talent for music will have plenty of opportunity to use their skills. There are also plenty of opportunities for singers to shine too.

The panto
The Centre Stage Annual Panto has raised thousands of pounds for charity, involves many members of the local community of all ages, and is always unique, with totally original script, lyrics and music.

The visual arts
The cornerHOUSE has an attractive exhibition space where we are fortunate to have on loan and exhibition of the work of the late Bert Seaborn, acclaimed local artist and previously head of art at Tiffin School. We have a number of inspiring photographic exhibitions throughout the year and we welcome interest from potential exhibitors.

Future programmes
The cornerHOUSE will continue its exploration of community arts events encompassing poetry, puppetry, and more visual arts, as well as drama, dance and music. We also hope to reach further into our local community, for example, by continuing to provide opportunities for adults with learning difficulties and by increasing our educational links in the borough.

This website will give you an idea of the facilities and work of the cornerHOUSE, as well as information about forthcoming events and projects.